1. Planning on smoking two 13lb birds on the big green egg at 300 using my smoke thermometer to moniter temps. Thinking one bird will take approximately four hours. Any idea how much longer the cook will take with two?

    • Jarven,

      I’m honestly not sure. That will be a thermal mass taking up thermal space in the smoker, but I don’t know how that’ll affect the whole thing. I’d plan on at least an extra hour.

  2. I would NEVER depend on a clock to tell me when my turkey is done, however it is good to know an approximate time so you can plan when dinner will be served.

    • Ron,

      That is a good point. Cooking-time tables can be useful for estimating cooking times, but you are right that they cannot tell you everything you need to know!

  3. So would a 9-10 # turkey not rise to 165 degrees if removed from oven @ 157 degrees since it was stated that the smaller the bird the less the rise in temp at rest? Or should oven temp be raised to insure carryover rise?

    • Lisa,
      A 9-10# turkey will still mostly likely hit165°F. But remember, even if it doesn’t get all the way there, as long as it spends more than 50 seconds above 157°F it’s completely safe to eat.

    • Richard,
      If it’s still at a food-safe temperature, you can eat it (157°, for instance). It will be rubberier, but edible. If you have the time, I’d cut the breasts off and keep cooking the rest of the carcass until you get tot he right temperature. Keep the breasts warm in a cooler.