1. I bought the Chef Alarm for roasting, but it has led me into candy making, including allowing me to revive some treasured family recipes that had been gathering dust. My neighbor now calls me the caramel meister.

    • Ken,

      That’s fantastic! I’m glad we could be a part of reviving your family traditions. Good cooking!

  2. Can I use my Dot for making maple syrup, 219°, or do I need a different probe to monitor temp.

    • Johanna,

      It is best to get both, but you can certainly use the ChefAlarm for both if you have it already. There are slight problems with the ChefAlarm for candy making, but it can certainly work…it’s just not the BEST.

  3. Talking candy thermometers here. Most information shows someone standing at the stove holding a Thermopen in the sugar mixture or some sort of candy mixture. While the old style may not be perfect, at least it can be clipped on the pan. I REALLY do not want to be standing at a pan of scalding hot sugar holding something mere inches away for the entire time watching the temperature rise. Can’t you make the Thermapens with clips?

    • Pamela,
      Good question! I understand your point here. It can be uncomfortable holding a Thermapen over high heat for a long time, but you don’t really need to be holding it there the whole time. Spot check it, then get out of the heat! I check more frequently the closer I get to done, and I will often also be lowering the heat as I approach that point so that I don’t risk overshooting.
      We don’t make a pot clip for the Thermapen for the exact reason you have already noted: it gets hot over the sides of the pan! While the sensor of the Thermapen has a very high operating range, the internal electronics and the case itself can get ruined by very high heat. If you feel like something that clips to the side of the pan is necessary, I recommend the ChefAlarm, which comes with a pot clip for its probe. It’s the very best second-best option!