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Homemade smoked kielbasa


Adapted from the recipe by Ethan Chlebowski


Here is the recipe in percentage format, with the numbers from our batch in parentheses in grams

  • Fatty pork butt (2,832g)
  • 1.75% Salt (50g)
  • 1.75% Brown Sugar (50g)
  • 0.5% Black Pepper (14g)
  • 0.25% Cure #1 (7g)
  • 0.187% Garlic Powder (5g)
  • 0.125% Whole Mustard Seed (4g)
  • 0.0625% Pickling Spice (2g)
  • 0.0313% Marjoram (1g)
  • Water (about 1/2–2/3 C)
  • Sausage Casings (about 10 ft)

Kielbasa ingredients


  • Chill all your grinding equipment.
  • Weigh your pork and multiply its weight by the required percentages in the recipe formula to determine the amount of seasoning needed. 
  • Cut the pork into about 1″ cubes and chill it well in the freezer. You want it firm, but not frozen. 

Cutting up pork

  • Measure out all the seasonings, combine them in a bowl. If your pickling spice is too chunky, you can grind it in a spice grinder. 
  • Combine the meat cubes with the spices, coating well.
  • Grind the spiced meat through a medium grinder plate into a chilled bowl. 
  • Add some water to the meat (use it to rinse any remaining spices in any bowls). Mix the meat well until it becomes sticky and somewhat fibrous. It will be able to clump to your hand when it’s ready. 

Sticky, well-mixed sausage

  • Stuff the sausage into casings using a stuffer press or your grinder equipment. Don’t overfill the casings or they’ll burst when you try to twist them into links. 
  • Twist the sausages into links about 10″ long. 
  • Cut the links into pairs and hang the pairs to dry (about 1 hour). 

Hanging sausages, drying in the breeze

  • Preheat your smoker to 250°F (121°C) while the sausages dry. Use the air probe from your Smoke X2 to monitor the heat.
  • Move the sausages to the smoker. If you can hang them, do so; if not, lay them on the rack. Insert a leave-in probe into the center of one of the sausages and set the high-temp alarm for 150°F (66°C). 
  • Smoke the sausages.

Putting Kielbasa in the smoker

  • When the alarm sounds, check a few of the kielbasas with your Thermapen Mk4 to be sure they are all done. 

Verifying the sausage temps

  • Remove the sausages from heat and spritz them with cool water to bloom them. 
  • They are now ready to eat, cook as part of a dish, or wrap and freeze. 

Homemade Kielbasa